Mini Review: Minted’s Signature Paper

It’s that time of the year again — holiday cards! I ordered this year’s batch of cards from Minted, so I thought I’d share a quick writing sample incase other folks were interested —

The paper seems to be coated, so many inks seem to sit on top of it, the exceptions are Pilot Blue Black (but feathered quite a bit when wet), Platinum Carbon Black (a little feathering, but much less) and Sailor inks, other than Sei-Boku.

Wetter pens seem to saturate the paper enough to get through the coating, but some do feather.

A tiny bit of feathering with PCB when it’s really wet, but it’s overall easily readable, and I wouldn’t hesitate about putting it in the mail when it’s wet and rainy. (I ordered post cards)

All in all, these aren’t fountain-pen friendly, but are tolerant if you’re willing to do a little experimentation and find a nib and ink that work for you. If you want to play it safe, Platinum Carbon Black delivers.

Have you ordered from another online card printer? Want to do a guest post, let us know!

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