About Us

Why another pen blog?

Because we spend so much time talking about pens on Instagram, we thought we’d write down our strong opinions. And because Katherine & Pam have tiny pixie-esque hands and Franz has GIANT bear paws. Turns out that this affects our preferences in pens quite a bit!


Left to right: Katherine, Pam and Franz’s hands on a Pelikan M200


Who are we?

Franz, just your average guy with a not so average obsession… fascination rather, with fountain pens. Held his first fountain pen in September 2012 and has been hooked ever since. Generally prefers to write using larger pens fitted with medium/broad nibs with a cursive italic grind. Also loves photography, coffee, and positivity. @franzdimson on Instagram

Katherine, lead website-nerd & tiny-handed hangry person. She prefers fine-ish or BB nibs, and tends to be a sucker for interesting finishes and materials. Hello urushi 15, I’m on my way! She blogs about food & non pen things here. (Send website complaints to her. This is the result of a lazy Saturday night.) @klohpost on Instagram.

Pam, a petite pen addict and pharmacist who loves alliteration  and food. Pam’s pen preferences are EF and F nibs (the finer the better!) for daily use or fine/medium CI and vintage flexes for when the mood strikes. She also holds her pens weird. Maybe it’s the tiny hands… @send.the.little.one on Instagram.