Mini Review: Moleskine Chapters Dotted Journal

It’s Mini Review time! As usual, it’s Katherine writing about another bit of fountain peripheral stuff, this time the Moleskine Chapters notebook. I was gifted one because they’ve dropped to being pretty cheap on Amazon, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. (Also it seems a little inconsiderate to not try something you’re gifted… no matter how bad the reputation of Moleskine paper)

It’s a notebook with six sections plus a set of lists (space for 13) at the very back. Each section has a title spread, and the last section and the lists are perforated. Neat in theory, but I’m not yet sure what I’ll use this for — if you have six things going on in your life, this could be great. For me, I’m not sure.

I know all you really care about is the paper, so here it goes — it’s the typical (I think?) Moleskine paper which is kinda fountain pen tolerant, but not quite friendly. If you prefer drier and narrower nibs, it’s totally fine, with wetter and broader nibs, less so.  What surprised me was that even my rollerball showed through — what are you supposed to use? Pencils? Just the driest fountain pens? (Notice the Perkeo barely shows through)

And, there’s a fair amount of show through… which isn’t great. Moleskine products are so cute, I wish they did better with fountain pens! Alas, they aren’t, but this layout could be perfect for something, I’m just not sure what yet…

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  1. The Pay It Forward site has a link to this blog – wanting info on whether or not there will be a Pay it Forward table at the SF 2018 pen show – and how/where to send donations. Thanks

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment and inquiry about the Pay-It-Forward table. Yes, the PIF table will be at the SF Pen show this year. And thank you for reminding me to create a post about it =)

      If you are local in the SF Bay Area, we can meet up in person. I’m in the Peninsula so I’m flexible. =) Or you can also send them via mail but I wouldn’t want you to spend money to give away items.

      I can email you the mailing address and/or we can set up a date, time, and place. Please let me know. And you will be at the SF Pen show this year, right?

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