The Dogs of the SF Pen Show

It’s that time of the year again — major pen show hangover for the HOTP crew, the San Francisco Pen Show has ended and we sit around wondering why our wallets are so light and why our coworkers aren’t excited by our new pens…

In an effort to stave off some of the post-pen show despair, Katherine has compiled pictures of some of the fluffy friends who graced us with their presence last weekend. The hotel and show are dog friendly, and there were several this year!

This is Oliver, shopping at Sarj’s table. 
Odin (right) making friends with a mystery dog that is similarly fluffy.


And Mabel, finishing up some shopping at Straits Pen


Mabel even got a name tag!


This dog had a friend, but I only got one in the photo. As seen over the Musubi table.


And Moogle, mixing up some bespoke ink (it’ll go great on his white fur!)


Ralph needed some help… and Moogle was there for him!

Did you make any fluffy friends at the SF Show this year? If you have any photos of your pup at the SF show and would like them added — let us know in the comments!

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