Mini Review: Grids & Guides Notebook

Hello! It’s Katherine again. Apparently I have a lot of random stationery that is of unknown fountain pen friendliness. I was gifted this one by a coworker, but you can buy your own from Amazon.

If you’re unfamiliar with this notebook, the pages have an assortment of different patterns — grid, boxes, circles and some things I don’t know how to describe. Sorry. Here’s some of a preview:

Unfortunately though, the paper doesn’t get along well with fountain pens. And it bleeds through quite a bit. :/ (The second half of the below photo is the back of the writing sample)

And a close up of the writing sample and it’s feathering. Particularly fine and dry pens are likely fine, but you’ll still see a little bit of shadowing.

The paper is pretty smooth and decently heavy, but just can’t hold ink. 🙁

Overall, I’d say these are fountain pen unfriendly. A neat idea, but not a friend for your fountain pens.

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  1. I love using mine for my design class. True that half of my currently inked Fountain pens bleed and show through, but that hasn’t stopped me from using them together.

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