Flax Pen Faire Report

This post features Moogle as a guest poster. He’s been silently present (or under the table) for so many of our photo shoots, so we gave him his own post!

Every year (or maybe twice a year?) Flax in Oakland hosts a pen fair!

This year, I embarked on a journey across town to take a look at some pens and attend my first pen fair! (My human hasn’t figured out if the SF Pen Show is dog friendly.)

It was the small gathering at the front of the store, with about 5-6 tables of pens, and some shelves of ink and paper. The rows and rows of pens were pawsitively overwhelming! (And all at 20% off MSRP)

Several brands were represented, and while it’s nice to see pens in person, if you spend a lot of time online, the selection (and 20% off MSRP) aren’t terribly exciting or novel. But, Flax is dog friendly, so there were also other dogs to bark at. (I’m a jerk like that)

Taccia and Sailor were also there, with a table off to the side. Sailor had a couple interesting pens available — a maki-e pen, a clear KOP and a Pro Gear with a sabi togi grind, but unfortunately the last of those wasn’t inked. Taccia (photo above) had a selection of gorgeous and unique urushi pens that I hadn’t seen anywhere online, which were mighty tempting — but I doggedly stuck to my budget.

Overall, the best part were the people! Pam gave me a hug and Franz gave me many pets.

I was exhausted the rest of the day.

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